BNAIC 2010


Here you find a list of some hotels in the city.

  • Hotel Melia. Located in the heart of Kirchberg, next to the European Institutions, the Philarmonic Hall and the Contemporary Art Museum (MUDAM), Melia is 15 minutes walk away from the conference site. It is also possible to take any Eurobus from Philarmonie - MUDAM station to Kirchberg-Coudenhove-Kalergi (only 2 stops).
    A block of rooms at discounted cost has been made available for BNAIC 2010 attendees for the nights of 24th and 25th (120€) and for the nights of 22nd and 23rd (100€). Use the following form for booking: Melia Special Rate
  • Hotel Bellevue and Hotel Parc Plaza. Ideally located in the city, both hotels are a 5 minutes walk away from the downtown bus station (Hamilius), from which a direct bus goes to the conference site.
  • Mercure Hotel Alfa is right in front of the railway station from where you can take any EuroBus till station to Kirchberg-Coudenhove-Kalergi.
  • City Hotel. Also located near the railway station.
  • Hôtel Français. Located inside of the pedestrian zone, at one of the main squares of the city centre, Hôtel Français is a 3 minutes walk away from Hamilius bus station, from which a direct bus goes to the conference site. When taking bus 16, get out at Royal. From the railway station ("Gare") to the downtown bus station takes 5 minutes by bus or 15 to 20 minutes by foot.
  • Hotel Simoncini. Located close to the independence monument, at 5 min walk from the city center close to the downtown bus station (Hamilius).
  • Hôtel Victor Hugo (3 stars) and Grand Hotel Victor Hugo (4 stars). Located just outside the city center, those two hotels facing each other are only 10 min from the conference site by bus. The city centre is also 5 minutes walk away. When coming from the airport, take bus 16 to "Fondation Pescatore".
  • La Coque is located in a sporting center close to the conference site (5 min walk).
  • Etap Hotel is located near the airport (free parking). You can reach the conference site with bus lines 16, 125, 192 and 194, stop Coudenhove-Kalergi.
  • Ibis Luxembourg Airport is also located next to the airport (free parking). Use similar bus lines than Etap Hotel to reach the conference site.
  • For those travelling on a tight budget, we should at least mention the Luxembourg Youth Hostel, which is spotlessly clean. Prices start at € 20.

The above list is by no means meant to be complete. More information about hotels and other things can be found at the Luxembourg City Tourist Office.

Hotel Melia La Coque