BNAIC 2010

BNAIC History

BNAIC is the BENELUX Conference on Artificial Intelligence and is one of the main activities of BNVKI (Benelux Association for Artificial Intelligence). The main goals of the BNAIC are two-fold:

  • to bring together the AI researchers in the Netherlands and Belgium, as a place to meet and to present research activities
  • to present high-quality research results, possibly already published in international conferences or journals

The format of the BNAIC is therefore a mixture of a meeting place and a forum for high-quality research results. This forms a balance that has proven to be successful in the previous years, as is shown by the high number of participants each year.

Previously, BNAIC Conferences ("Nederlandstalige AI-Conferenties") were organized in:

1988 Amsterdam
1989 Twente
1990 Kerkrade
1991 Amsterdam
1992 Delft
1993 Twente
1995 Rotterdam
1996 Utrecht
1997 Antwerpen
1998 Amsterdam
1999 Maastricht
2001 Amsterdam
2003 Nijmegen
2004 Groningen

Since 2004, the Proceedings of BNAIC are published under ISSN 1568-7805.

For more information on past and future BNAICs, see